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Tom Freeman.

Tom Freeman is a visual artist living and working in Perth. Having graduated from Curtin University in 2007, he’s continued to practice, exhibit and build within Perth’s local scene. Tom was born in Margaret River and grew up in Fremantle. His works often relate to experiences and memories of growing up, as well as an understanding of his position within his current environment. His material practice covers drawing, sculpture, video and photography. He has recently exhibited at the Fremantle Arts Centre, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, and the now-defunct Palmcourt artist run initiative. His work is in the John Curtin Gallery collection and has recently been acquired by the City of Joondalup. In 2009, Tom will be undertaking an international residency research project in Kettering and Peterborough, UK.


Tom’s sculptural project is a physical building exercise; a crude construction built onto the side of his mum's house. “It's an appreciation of everyday materials, and an appreciation of the act of using them,” he says. “I really like certain parts of buildings - particularly some physical and material aspects of suburban housing but also elements of city architecture.” Tom considers many of these inspirational elements to be featured within older buildings - often under-appreciated, unnoticed and facing a shortening lifespan amid ever-present development. Other elements are seen as tasteless or ill-considered, often integrated as an afterthought or through ongoing renovations and developments. “My construction doesn't have a practical use other than to give value to a humble and makeshift way of working.” While potentially acting as a rejection of the slick expense of Perth's constant development, Tom’s work applauds the aesthetics of construction often filling WA’s skyline.