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Teelah George.

Teelah George graduated from Curtin University in 2008 with First Class Honours and a BA in Fine Art. She was awarded the highest mark in the Honours Program, where her practice straddled installation, textiles and sculpture. She has been involved in a number of local group shows and was involved in the running of artist-run space, Palm Court Gallery.


Teelah’s deeply personal large-scale drawings presents ideas arising from discussions about ‘boom’ and ‘recession’. “The current discussion about WA’s unique economic climate has personally left me feeling disconnected,” she says. “In an effort to feel more connected, my work explores a more introverted perspective, looking at human similarities rather than economic situations.” This exploration of the individual and the body serves as conduit for revealing shared similarities and a means for the artist to relate to these polarising issues. By utilising a specific material language, including handmade practices and materials of the everyday, Teelah aims to further develop her ideas of continuance and symmetry.