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Steph Kretowicz & Katie Lenanton.

After serving as a principle researcher for the online WAM Hall of Fame archive in 2005, Steph Kretowicz was employed by production company WBMC in 2007-2008 to project manage the research and marketing component of WA music documentary and CD compilation Something in the Water. boom. will be Steph’s first venture into producing and coordinating an independent multi-arts publication and exhibition. As an ongoing freelance contributor to the West Australian and the Drum Media, Steph has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in music and writing. Producing and promoting boom. sees her working with visual artists as well as musicians, under the guidance of Katie. Having accrued experience in publicity, promotions and events management within commercial industries, boom. provides Steph with the opportunity to apply her existing skills to realise a personal vision which she hopes will benefit local artists as well as the broader WA community.

Katie Lenanton works independently within the arts as an administrator and project coordinator, with a specific focus on harnessing the talents of emerging artists. She often works alongside three others under the banner of Love Is My Velocity, which currently acts as a record label, publisher and developer of creative multi-disciplinary events. She is the co-creator of the Love Is My Velocity Cookbook and exhibition, and has edited Grok Magazine, contributed freelance writing to Empty, Summer/Winter, The Drum Media and worked as a copywriter for the Community Newspaper Group. She gained experience in marketing and communications at PICA and Fremantle Arts Centre and apart from LIMV duties, has project managed events for Artrage and PICA, notably PICA’s inaugural Car Boot Sale. She is currently working with LIMV to produce a number of events for the 2009 WAMi festival, including the Bank Notes temporary recording studio, a curated Windows on William band and artist display, and the launch and exhibition of the Love Is My Velocity Cookbook II.