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Rebecca Giggs & Gene Eaton.

Rebecca Giggs is a Western Australian Writer working in fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry. Her preoccupations include seascape, flash-fiction and cartography. She is most inspired on public transport traversing bodies of water: trains over rivers are good, planes over oceans are better. This is the first project that Gene and Rebecca have worked on together, although once (when Gene had enviable sideburns and Rebecca was living in a basement) they did conspire to make logos for a book-club.

Gene Eaton is a Photographer and Graphic Designer currently freelancing from an ‘office’ two feet from the foot of his bed. Fueled by Springsteen and good coffee he creates work for various creative gurus including Papercut Media, Juicebox Creative and Artrage. Gene grew up in rural gardens and can’t leave a second-hand bookstore without buying any yellowing nature encyclopedia on the shelf.



It’s the wild blocks, the vacant lots and the suburban badlands that interest Gene and Rebecca. Where wheats sibilate and cats make Parliament. Spaces that refuse the desire for built permanence or lived monumentality. The house is a cemetery of itself. Buried glass hums hot and sharp beneath the sand. An archaeological dig for the lost cyclone fence. To stand in the lot left fallow and observe the tide-lines of past occupation, near re-occupation, future abandonment. These blocks tell us something about the transience of development, particularly in the context of the current global financial crisis. Money evaporates from the bare earth and the macadam cracks audibly. You can pull out wires meant to meet ghost grids. You can find the imprint of dreams gone to seed or rotting on their foundations. These places have their own deep lyricism. Gene and Rebecca map the snagging ground like diviners, picking up the visual and linguistic trace of loss and ruinous beauty.