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Neil Aldum.

Neil Aldum graduated with Curtin University with a BA in Fine Art before launching his first solo show Prospect and exhibiting at the Melbourne Art Fair with Gallery East in 2008. Working predominantly with raw industrial materials such as steel, wood and concrete, Aldum’s work consistently investigates notions of craftsmanship, utility and physical labour. These themes are often used to investigate his interest in the vulnerabilities of a material’s function and use. Neil has participated in numerous group shows, most recently Gallery East’s Christmas Exhibition and Perth Galleries’ New Works New Faces. His sculptures are held by various businesses and private collectors , while a series of sculptures are currently on lease at the Chamber of Minerals and Energy.


Neil’s interactive sculpture, ‘Crane Rig/Circle Audit’, acts as a series of tools working separately to idealise a common purpose. “The structure as a whole cannot produce a final product, though in its entirety, it strives for a function,” Neil says. His work tampers with notions of progress, demand and ultimately success. Scale, function and dimensions are skewed and manipulated - survey stakes perform idle tasks, while lanterns complete an unstable and systematic orbit, activated only through viewer interaction. Yet when properly lit and painted with the right insignia, the structure/sculpture seems convincing nonetheless.

Neil Aldum