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Larissa Boyd & Freya Poulsen.

Larissa Boyd was born in Toronto before migrating to Perth as a teenager. She spent her next eight years in WA, completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Curtin University in 2006. Her practice combines a range of disciplines including drawing, painting and installation. In 2007 she commenced her studies at Vancouver Film School specialising in makeup design for film and television. She has since integrated this into her art practice whilst pursuing other industries including fashion and film and television.

Freya Poulsen is an illustrator from Perth, WA. She studied Fine Art for two years before moving on to a degree in Graphic Design at Curtin University. Freya prefers to work mainly with pen and pencil on paper. finding a way to represent the variety of compelling individuals she encounters in her day-to-day life.


Larissa Boyd and Freya Poulsen are interested in deconstructing identity using clich├ęs and stereotypes. Through a series of photographs and drawings they explore ideas of social hierarchy and in particular, 'middleclass boganism' within WA. Freya assumes fictitious characters but is then photographed performing in real situations. The viewer's naturalised assumptions guide their perception of the characters and situations in terms of class structure, with an emphasis on superiority and social elitism. The work attempts to make the viewer consider their own understanding of how identity is formed.