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Kate Macfarlane & Esther Sandler.

Esther Sandler and Kate Macfarlane met working together, then found themselves in the same Fashion and Textiles Design course at Central TAFE. Sharing a love of crafts, innovative design and textiles, they have forged distinct styles with an emphasis on prints, unusual detailing, embellishment and silhouettes. While studying, they collaborated on the Misteak exhibition at Keith & Lottie in February 2007. In addition to this both designers have been involved in an array of design, fashion and art events/exhibitions.

Since graduating in 2007 the designers have taken alternate steps to establish themselves within the fashion industry. Kate has been working for the Perth-based fashion label Joveeba and Esther is currently undertaking an internship with Parisian designer Veronique Leroy. These diverse paths may one day converge in the launch of their own label. Stay tuned…


For boom., Esther and Kate have collaborated on a range of garments influenced by the distance between designers - Kate is currently in Perth while Esther is interning in Paris. The resulting work are inspired by their surroundings, using this point of difference to comment on the nature of the fashion industry. The garments draw upon the surroundings in which they were created - black swans combine with ‘70s daisy florals, fur, tassel fringing, satins, and metallic velvet, resulting in a range that highlights the abilities of both designers within their respective cities. The similarities and differences between Perth and Paris and the alternate paths that either designer has chosen to take since graduating from their course of study will add to this, whilst also drawing attention to the cultural drain that Perth seems to endure as the young flee for eastern or international shores.