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Gian Manik & Jacob Ogden-Smith.

Having met at university, Gian Manik and Jacob Ogden Smith discovered that they had similar working mentalities, matched with a concern for exploring and activating handcrafted sculptural objects. A recent joint solo exhibition, HOW WORKS, presented works of sculpture, clay and paint playfully interrogating and usurping notions of materiality to create a probing dialogue between objects. These relationships were further expanded upon through numerous video works. boom. is the firsttime these multi-disciplinary artists will work together on a collaborative video piece.



For boom., Gian and Jacob interrogate notions of clich├ęd Australia and kitsch icons. Their video work documents a symbolic routine between earth and man, male and female, resource and product. This dance of sorts addresses the concern of taking/raping the land in both literal and imaginary contexts.

Gian Manik & Jacob Smith