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Gemma Weston & Jamie Macchiusi.

Gemma Weston graduated with First Class Honours from Curtin University with a BA in Fine Art. She was the graduate in residence at Curtin in 2008 and has served as the Art technician at Scotch College and Print tutor at Kalamunda Senior High School. She has been accepted in the Fremantle Print Award in 2007 and 2008 and the Printmaker’s Association of WA Print Award, as well as participating in numerous group shows.

In 2004, Jamie Macchiusi graduated from Curtin University’s Department of Art with a bachelor in Fine Arts. Since then, Jamie has been involved with a variety of different ventures, notably the travelling exhibition we’re from the birds sing a pretty song, the 2005 4×5 Exchange Project with Rocketart Gallery in NSW, the thirteenth edition of the Corso Superiore Arte Visive held annually in Como, Italy and its follow up exhibition, Invisible Miracles in Milan, Italy. In 2008, Jamie curated for a moment the blissful feeling of being able to see it all, a group exhibition at the Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery, and worked as the designer for Company Upstairs on the set for Home Alone (the suburbs dream tonight) for the ARTRAGE Silver Festival. His work was featured in the 25 year ARTRAGE retrospective, SILVER at Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts. He is currently working with Gemma Weston on the curatorial project, The End.


Jamie and Gemma present a performative meditation on teenagers and suburbia, documented through video work:

“We stalked car parks in front of fast food outlets late at night and no one paid us any mind.
We were teenage werewolves howling at the moon, splitting six-packs, nuzzling the night sky,
Matte like velvet pulled from a Van Eyck draped over the city.
Far above us, a billion bics waver, calling us home.”

Gem Weston & Jamie Macchiusi