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Collaborative experimental noise duo Cease (Nick Odell on drums, Andrew Britton on guitar) are renowned for utilising impromptu musical contributions from friends and fans. They have played alongside a variety of national and international bands in a wide range of settings like RTR FM local music showcase In the Pines and the 2008 Artrage Festival. Their highly performative stage show is indicative of a band immersed within both visual and sound art communities – Nick also plays in psychedelic jam band Pond and Sonny Roofs while Andrew practices as a visual artist. Cease have released two recordings; the sold out EP ‘Coelecanth’ in 2006 and a 12” split vinyl with psychedelic brothers Mink Mussel Creek which saw all 100 covers individually painted by Cease and fellow artists.



For boom, Cease interrogate notions of suburbanisation through documented public performances, exploring how art and music are received within shared public space. During their last five years as defiantly independent and unorthodox musicians, Nick and Andrew have witnessed the demise of many art and music venues. Heavy restrictions have been placed on live music venues which are increasingly surrounded by commercial developments and inner-city housing, and corporate-owned venues and conservative liquor licensing regulations have resulted in fewer places for unconventional bands to play. This contributes to a legislative environment that is arguably increasingly hostile to alternative youth culture and art. As families move in across the road and venues stand abandoned or replaced by brand new office blocks, Cease will organise a number of performances in non-traditional locales to challenge the conservative attitudes that continue to inhibit the cultural growth of the city.




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